Only one match, but one of my more exciting ones. Some good positional battles, sweeps going both ways and multiple submission attempts (albeit perhaps not all of the highest calibre). And ending with a last ditch defence to a choke with the tap right on the buzzer.

Unfortunately, I was on the wrong end of the submission. :-<

Still a good day out. Interesting to compete in a non-points rule set, even if I didn’t quite make it to the EBI overtime. It does change the rhythm of the match. You can’t get a lead in the same way you can with points, so the pressure is always on. At the same time, giving up a sweep isn’t as serious. At one stage I gave up top position in order to attempt an ankle lock, which I wouldn’t have tried in a points system (at least not at that point).

I quite liked it and would definitely do it again — without feeling that it’s the be all or end all of rule sets. One of the nice things about BJJ as a sport is that it’s wide enough to take in a variety of approaches to competition.

Now for a shift to nogi in the run up to Kleos X in August.

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