Kleos is always fun. It’s simultaneously well run and informal. Plus it has quirky themes — this time pro wrestling.

I took bronze in blue masters light — but in a division of four that’s not all that great. Still better on the podium than off. First match I got caught in a guillotine pretty early on and flubbed the defence. Basically, did the right things but too slowly and not with enough conviction. As often happens my first match had loosened me up and I did better in the second, winning on points. Then entered the absolute (I do kind of want one of those hammers…) Lost to a smaller, but more technical and aggressive opponent on points.

Stuff to work on:

  • Guillotine defence
  • Flow, commitment and aggression: I need to commit to stuff more. In both my first match and the absolute you can see bits where I’m hesitating — both when I should be the aggressor and in moment where I’ve been swept or passed and need to counter-attack into the window of opportunity. Need to work on getting rid of this hitching.

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