RGA Invitational 2017

Won one, lost two. But broke my losing streak.

Plus, while the last two matches could have gone better, they were against tough opponents and I felt I did at least a few things right.

Also entered my first absolute. Which was an interesting experience, although given that one opponent was a middleweight and the other a rematch with the gentleman who I beat at lightweight, I’m not sure I really got the whole effect. Both losses, unfortunately, but again feel I’m making progress. Interestingly, I think we both performed better in the rematch; but obviously him more than me!

Kleos X

Not my best performance. My first no gi and I ended up being put up to middleweight. Got smashed, twice. Basically one of those days where I just didn’t do myself justice. Couldn’t find my rhythm in the first one; and the second was just an embarrassing failure to defend effectively. :-<

So it goes. I’m still in the initial stages of blue belt and it’s all grist to the experience mill. Time to put some more hours into no gi.