Oddly, although this is going to be my main physical focus for the year, I don’t have many clear aims except going to class.

It’s too early for me to say ‘I’m going to focus on this or that in my game’. I don’t have a game yet. I just need to keep turning up. So my main aim is to average 3 classes a week — or 156 in 2016.

Also, I intend to compete at least once.


I’ve neglected lifting since I started BJJ, which is foolish. I don’t need to be strong, but it would help to avoid injury and I feel better when I’m in the gym regularly.

I’ll aim for two days a week, starting with simple linear progression to regain some strength and see where I am. Then I intend to work on Dan John’s set of strength standards from Intervention.


Quixotically I’ve agreed to run the London Marathon again this year for charity. It’s rather opposed to my other physical goals, but it will by my tenth and I couldn’t resist ticking that off.

My main aim is to do it without messing everything else up or damaging myself (and to raise a decent sum of money). But if I can also do it in around 4h30m I’d be happy.

My plan is to focus on doing one long run at the weekend, plus short fast runs in the week. Between BJJ and weights I should be able to maintain a fairly good general level of fitness despite a low volume of running.

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